Independent director Luxembourg resident

Ruben GOTTBERG is an independent director resident in Luxembourg, with over 20 years of professional experience.

He specializes in providing directorship and administration services to companies based in Luxembourg and has a deep understanding of the local legal and regulatory environment.

Ruben has worked for 5 years in the corporate area in Luxembourg and, previously, he worked for 14 years in the international tax structuring department of PwC, in the offices of Brazil (2015-2018), Spain (2012-2015), Oman (2010-2011), and Venezuela (2001-2008).

Ruben holds a master's degree in international tax law (adv. LL.M.) from Leiden University - ITC, the Netherlands, and a bachelor's degree in accounting (B.Acc) from Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela. He currently pursues a bachelor's degree in computer science (B.Sc) from the University of London - Goldsmiths, England.

He is a member of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg.

He speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Directorship and administration services

Ruben presents his services in two formats, considering the diverse range of tasks that a local director may carry out: independent director services and administrator services.

As an independent director, he provides oversight and guidance to stakeholders without being involved in day-to-day operations. In contrast, as an administrator, he takes on a more hands-on role in the company's management.

With these two options as starting point, Ruben tailors his services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Independent (non-executive) director services

The independent director services are designed for companies that already have a management team in Luxembourg or that are assisted by professionals established in the country. The services include:

Administrator (executive director) services

The administrator services are aimed at companies with more extensive requirements and involve overseeing their day-to-day operations. In addition to the services offered as a non-executive director, the services include:

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27C, bd. Marcel Cahen, L-1311 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
+352 621 722 791